Monday, March 6, 2017

Long time, no write!

I don't even know if there are still any eyes out there in the great chasm of the internet that still take the time to peek at my blog. If not, that's ok. If so, that's ok, too. For now, because of the busy-ness of my life, this will just be a quick journaling outlet as I feel like it and have time.

So much has happened since we moved to Syracuse. After a long (more than a year, start to finish) process we have been approved for foster care here in NY. We have had an almost two month placement with two bundles of energy, three and four years old. It kept us on our toes to be sure. Just this last weekend, they were reunified with a relative, so our house is very quiet again. I miss the extra hugs, kisses, music, laughter, and play. I don't miss quite so badly the fits, tantrums, bed-wetting, and total lack of alone-time.

Every time we say good-bye, I think that perhaps it will hurt a little less. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Like we've said to so many people, so many times, "If you don't hurt when they leave, you probably aren't doing the job right." We do our best to do the job right, and boy, does it hurt when they leave.

At some point maybe I'll type up a post full of advice, but for now, I just needed to get some words on the page.

Our lives are super busy as always. I am in my ninth of eleven classes in my master's degree in Educational Administration. I'm working full time at the bank, sometimes on the teller line, and sometimes at a desk on the platform side, which means my days are spent in solving problems for people and building relationships, while actively pursuing sales goals as well. Then of course, there's church, where I teach Sunday school, play the piano, and try to be a good pastor's wife by loving my people and trying to find ways to show we care. In between all that, when I have a minute I love to doodle, dream, and plan in my bullet journal. (Thanks to my sister Charity for getting me hooked on that!)

Jason works full time as a driver for elderly in addition to pastoring. He is growing into a better pastor every day, and keeps very busy between his two jobs.

So, if you are lurking out there and still reading, give me a shout-out and let me know what you want to know about our lives here in the cold, snowy city of Syracuse. Who knows, maybe next year your question will be answered! :-)

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  1. Your blog comes into my Feedly, so yes, I still read it! I don't know if you remember our son Travis from Penn View days, but he's in Syracuse at Teen Challenge right now, and doing well. He's actually doing volunteer work for them in their extended training program. Maybe you'll run into him sometime!


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