Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Recently we planted a mini garden of sorts. It consists of long planters on our front porch because we were concerned that animals would get into our plants if we put them in the back yard. The plants are doing as well as can be expected considering they have limited depths for their roots. They are growing and blooming, but not with nearly the vigor they would if we planted them directly in the earth. They can not grow deep roots because they are limited.

2014-06-02 06.56.15

Our garden makes me think of Christians. Sometimes our growth toward the Son is limited because of the situations around us.

Sometimes we are limited by others and their opinions. We don't grow deeper because they hinder us.  What should we do? Well, when another plant is hindering one of my sprouts from growth, I put distance between the two of them. Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from others and their harmful opinions.

Sometimes we are limited by the amount of nourishment we get. There is a direct correlation between how well my plants grow and how much sunlight and water they get. If we want to truly develop our relationship with God, we must be sure to soak up the water of His Word and spend time drawing near to His Light in prayer.

2014-06-02 06.56.06

Sometimes we're limited because we are in our comfort zone.  Seedlings will fail to thrive if they are left in their starter pots forever. It can seem harsh to pull them up out of the only place they have known and replant them in a tougher new environment. Sometimes we have to be removed from what is familiar to us and be transplanted into what may seem like a harsh new reality so that we can grow in the way the Father intended.

As God has been bringing these thoughts to my mind, I decided to share them with you. I hope that you search through the garden of your heart and with God's help, remove any limitations that may have been keeping you from realizing your full potential of growth in Him.
Have a blessed day.

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