Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Bash and the Pirate Pig

Bash and the Pirate Pig
When contacted to review this book, my first thought was, “With a name like that, it will at least be interesting!” My thoughts were right. Bash and the Pirate Pig, written by Burton Cole and published by BH Kids, would capture the imagination of anyone who likes adventure and fun!
The book is about Raymond “Beamer” Boxby a city boy who would much rather spend his summer playing video games than on his crazy cousin’s farm. Throughout the summer, Beamer’s younger cousin Bash uses his brilliant imagination and the boys get into many adventures. For example, Bash convinces Beamer that it would be fantastic to ride a couple of cows down the highway to the ice cream stand! However Bash shares more than adventures with Beamer. He also shares his “Fishin’ and Farmin’ book” and Beamer learns about much more than country living.
I loved this book! The author writes with a clarity that makes me think that he must have had some of these experiences himself as a child. The Gospel is interwoven throughout the easy, entertaining, stories of daring adventures and exciting escapades.
This book would be a great Christmas gift for a reader in your life, particularly a younger one! I will be reading it in my class and I know that my students will love the mishaps that befall the two cousins!
I am excited to be able to give one of my readers a copy of this book. To enter, please see below! The giveaway will end on Wednesday, October 2nd.
a Rafflecopter giveaway **** I received this book in exchange for an honest review from FlyBy promotions. All opinions are my own, and there was no other compensation.
Bash and the Pirate Pig
Written by: Burton Cole
Illustrated by: Tom Bancroft
Publisher: B&H Kids
Hardcover: 224 pages 

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