Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adoption Process Update

Things change. Sometimes circumstances change, sometimes goals change, and sometimes hearts change and minds change with them. God has been working in our lives, and has been changing us.

When we first started the foster-to-adopt process, I was pretty much open to any children that God would bring our way except for ones who were too medically needy for us to care for with our limited resources in our small home. Jason, however had reservations. He didn’t want children who were “too old.” He felt, and reasonably so, that he didn’t want questions being raised when people saw us with our teenage children when we were only in our late twenties. He wanted one or two children, and possibly three if they were the “perfect fit” for our family.

But over the past few weeks and months, God has been working on Jason. He heard this song over the radio and God used it to change his viewpoint.

What if God’s plan for our lives involves older children? We’ve said so many times that adoption is our ministry, and that we want God to allow us to show His love to hurting, broken children. After all, both Jason and I were broken once. God used loving people in our lives to show us the power of His love.

So, with new vision, a few fears, and a lot of prayers, yesterday we gave permission for our home study to be sent out to a caseworker who is looking for a home for not one, not two, but three broken children. They aren’t all ten and younger like we had originally wanted, but if God’s will is for us to reach out to them, who are we to stand in His way. This is not the first home study we’ve sent out. It may not be the last. But whatever the case, we are still waiting on God (and the caseworkers, agencies, and mountains of red tape) and trusting in Him that he will bring us His “perfect fit” for our family.

Please join us in praying. Pray:

* That God will prepare and calm our hearts as we wait.

* That things will go smoothly and efficiently when the time comes.

* Most of all, for the hurting, broken, children out there who need someone to reach out to them and show them the love of the Father.


  1. You two have such giving hearts! May God bless you for your willingness to step into the gap and help these needy, yet often overlooked, children.

    We'll pray for God's will in this situation, and we look forward to hearing updates!

  2. Dear Bethany,

    So happy to hear that you are looking to adopt. I know that in God's timing he will send you the most beautiful children to raise. So thankful for people with hearts such as yours. Wonderful to hear about the things that are happening in your life.
    Sincerely, your childhood friend,
    Marisa Fritzemeier

  3. Praying for you. Keep me posted!

  4. The most important thing is knowing beyond any doubt that you get the children God wants you to have. Even if you know that... adoption of "broken" children can be very difficult and heartbreaking. We have traveled that road... yet we knew that we were doing what God asked us to do and that has been the thing that has helped us through the most difficult places. The outcome must always be left with God. Adoption is a great calling, and has been a passion of mine my whole life. May God bless you in your adoption adventure.


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