Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Natural Bridge

Last weekend we went away for Jason’s master’s degree graduation. We decided to leave a day early and see some sights. We went to Natural Bridge, VA and visited the attractions there.


Natural Bridge Hotel

We stayed in the Natural Bridge hotel. It is a gorgeous building complete with balconies, fireplaces, pillars, and a colonial dining room.


One of the attractions was a butterfly house. It was small and there weren’t very many varieties of butterflies, but the ones that were there were fun to photograph.

Waterfall in VA

Along the walkway down towards the natural bridge, there are several waterfalls. This one begged me to take its picture as it rushed along.


Stately tree roots

This 600 year old tree bears its age with dignity, its gnarly roots showing years of strength.

Cleft of the Rock

It amazes me how plants can thrive in little clefts of rock like this!

Natural Bridge VA

The natural bridge was breathtaking. Pictures do not do it justice. I had seen many pictures of it, but the pictures don’t show the magnificent splendor that God created!


Natural Bridge in the Sun

I’ve been fascinated with sun rays lately, and managed to capture them in this photo.

Jason Morford

This is one of my favorite photos of the day. It shows Jason’s analytical personality quite well.


Natural Bridge Caverns

And last but not least, we went down into the caverns. They were beautiful as well.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Do you plan to post pics of Jason's graduation? That must have been a rewarding day for him! Congratulations!


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