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Home Study, Check!

I have so appreciated the comments you have shared on my past adoption posts. They have made me smile, cry, and be encouraged! Thank you for your support. This can be a daunting process, and your encouragement really makes a difference! As I’ve shared some of your comments with Jason, he has been encouraged as well.

I’m super happy to report to you that we had our home study last Wednesday evening. We have one last little bit of homework to turn in and then we will be approved and in the matching process! I am praising God for His help!

The home study was great. I have to give kudos to our “intake coordinator” for making us totally feel at home and comfortable as we told her our life’s stories in the interview part of the home study and as we showed her our little home in the tour part.

So now, the waiting begins again. But if the efficiency of the organization we are with now is any indication, we could have children in our home before school starts! I’m excited to see what God has in store for us!

I checked to make sure it was ok to share the names of the organization we are with and were with in the past, and since it is, I can share a little more info with you all.

Here’s a timeline of our adoption journey so far.

Sometime, 2006 – Jason and I discussed the possibility of adopting and found that it was something that both of us had wanted to do from a young age. This was before we were married, and helped us to realize that this was yet another way that we were compatible.


Fall, 2010 – We had been married for awhile and decided that maybe now would be the time to more seriously pursue adoption. We looked into several agencies and found Bethany Christian Services (BCS) seemed to have a good reputation. We called and signed up for their introduction meeting.

November 2, 2010 – We attended the introduction meeting in Lancaster, PA. BCS seemed to be a nice organization and we liked that they were Christian based. We signed up for training classes at their nearest location to us. They were to begin in February. (We were given a packet of homework and documentation to provide and it was ready within a week.)

February, 2011 – We were called and notified that the classes in State College had been cancelled and it was too late to join the ones going on in Lancaster. The next set of classes would not be starting until March.

March – July 2011 – We took the trainings we were required to take (4 all day Saturday classes in Lancaster, CPR and First Aid certification). We found out that some of our paperwork had been lost, and so resubmitted it.

July – November 2011 – Because of some questions BCS had after reading our biographies and hearing from our references, they gave us some additional requirements. This was done in 2 months. (We were told that we completed these requirements far faster than they anticipated.)

November 4, 2011 – Our home study with Bethany Christian. A year after we had started the process….. The home study felt more like an interrogation than an interview, and really was not well organized.

November 2011– January, 2012 – Our caseworker went on a couple of vacations and said she’d get back with us when she had typed up our file.

January 9, 2012 – Caseworker met with us to review our file and told us we had been approved and could start the matching process.

April 2012 – We received the letter stating that we were approved. That’s right, 3 months later.

July 2012 – By this point, we had heard of a couple of matching events from our case worker. We had not been given any leads on children. She repeatedly failed to return our calls, so we requested a different caseworker. Thankfully our request was granted. The new caseworker seemed sweet, but let us know that she would be going on maternity leave in a month or so.

July – December 2012 – A few phone calls about children, but all were medically needy to the point that we were not capable of caring for them. (BCS knew that we did not have the resources to care for medically needy, but said they called “just in case”)

December 1, 2012 – We got a phone call saying our paperwork had been lost and the Lancaster office of BCS was being audited on the 5th so they needed all the paperwork by then. Yes, that’s right. They wanted it all in 4 days. They told us some of our clearances needed to be renewed as well and that they should be done by the 5th also. Thankfully Jason is super organized and had copies of all the paperwork. He researched their own documentation and found that our clearances did not need to be renewed. When he showed them, their response was basically, “Oops. We’re glad you caught that.”

December 17th, 2012 – We finally had a placement, but it was temporary (only a weekend) due to circumstances beyond our control. Our hearts were broken, but the experience reinforced the fact that this was God’s will for our lives.

January 2013 – Bethany contacted us letting us know that it was time to renew our trainings and such. After the hassle they had put us through over the past 2 years, we decided against it.

February 2013 – We attended our first training with The Bair Foundation (TBF) When we walked in the door, we could tell the difference. Where BCS had provided copies of copies for their handouts with no color and very little teaching other than just reading from the powerpoint, TBF had colorful handouts, snacks, and practical discussion and input into what fostering/adopting would be like.

March 2013 – We were supposed to have our second training, but due to a family situation with the trainer it had to be postponed. We rescheduled for the end of April. We did however renew our CPR, First Aid, and Passive Restraint classes in March.

April 2013 – Home study was scheduled for the 16th, and last class for the 28th. However, on the day of our home study, our worker’s toddler daughter had to be rushed to the ER. Thankfully, after a weeks’ stay in the hospital she was fine. Our worker was quick to notify us, and rescheduled just as soon as she got back to the office. We were impressed with her communication! We went to our last class on the 28th, so all we had left was our home study!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 – I rushed home from school for the home study. As I mentioned earlier, it was smooth and fantastic! Again, I was impressed with TBF’s organization and competence.

And that brings us up to date. What took us a full year plus a little with Bethany Christian took us about 3 months with The Bair Foundation! We have been so impressed with them and have really seen them sharing Christ’s love.

I’ll try to keep this timeline updated as our journey continues. The best is yet to come!

***** Disclaimer – This post is not meant to be a gripe or complaint against BCS. I simply presented the facts of our experience with them. I have heard very positive things about them in many other situations, and I realize that in our case it may have just been a fluke.

This post is meant to be a recommendation of The Bair Foundation! They have shown Christ-likeness as they worked with us in an efficient, organized, and practical way.

All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. We experienced something similar with two organizations we had to work with and I can understand how impressed you were with the second organization! Looking forward to meeting the little ones who will, Lord willing, be added to your family soon. :-)


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