Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 1/2 days

2 1/2 days was enough to show us what we were missing. It was enough to show us that we would be fantastic parents. 2 1/2 days showed us that we would be human and make mistakes, but that we’d learn from them and go on. It showed us that we are capable of creating structure and routine for a child who badly needs it.

2 1/2 days opened our eyes to the ministry we already felt so strongly about. 2 1/2 days revealed to us the things we are accustomed to that we would have to give up. It also made us aware of how the rewards of having a child in our lives far exceeded the sacrifices we had to make.

2 1/2 days showed us Christmas through a child’s eyes. They illuminated the joy of hearing the best story in the world for the first time. Those few moments we shared became memories that we will hold in our hearts forever.

2 1/2 days was not enough time for us to give the hugs that were needed, the love that we have, the family that was longed for. It was not enough time for us to teach all the lessons that we hoped to instill. It was not enough time to make all the introductions. It was not enough time to tell all the fantastic stories of the Bible.

2 1/2 days. Three lives. Two of us longing to touch one life for eternity. Did we do it? Are there memories that will be recalled for years? We have them. Do you? Will God bring to your mind the first time you heard the Christmas story? Let it be so. May those 2 1/2 days impact your life just as they have impacted ours. . . forever.

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