Saturday, November 17, 2012



People all over the web are posting one thing per day that they are thankful for. I could do that too. However, I don’t know that I would remember or be consistent enough. Instead, I’ll post my entire list here. So, below you will find 30 of my blessings.


1. God      

2. Jason

3. My parents

4. My siblings

5. My nephews and nieces

6. My in-laws

7. My co-workers

8. My extended family

9. My church

10. My country

11. My job

12. My other job

13. My students

14. Utilities

15. Luxuries

16. Music

17. Books

18. My home

19. Vehicles

20. Technology

21. Blogging

22. Blog readers

23. Food

24. Thrift stores

25. Education

26. Ukraine

27. My heritage

28. Memories

29. Wal-Mart

30. Health

If you’d like explanations, stay tuned. I’ve been in the mood for writing, so I will be elaborating over the next few weeks.

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