Monday, November 19, 2012

Blessing #3: My parents

Dear Dad,

I am blessed. I am blessed because you are in my life. You called me “Baby Doll”, but you treat me like a princess. I know what the phrase “Daddy’s girl” means because of you. The trips to town that we children would all fight over were special for a reason. That reason was you. You made a point of spending time with each of us and letting us know we were special. When I was with you, I felt cherished.

That isn’t the only reason you have been a blessing in my life, though. You taught me so many things through the years. Some lessons were simple, like keeping elbows off the table, covering my mouth when I coughed, and walking quietly so that the neighbors living below us would not be disturbed. You also taught me the important lessons. You taught me that I should be friendly to everyone. You taught me that it is ok to cry. You taught me that “Everything worth doing, is worth doing well.” You taught me that I could learn to do anything I set my mind to. That was a lesson I definitely learned from your example. Many is the time that I would see you learning how to do a new project as you went, as a matter of fact, as you were learning, I was watching and learning too! You taught me how to give of myself to others and how to have a servant’s heart.

I could go on for hours about the lessons you have taught me, but if I did that, my blog readers would certainly be bored!

Thanks, Dad, for everything. You have sacrificed so much over the years for us kids. We noticed. You have worked so hard for us. We noticed. You have loved us so much. We noticed. I only hope that you notice our gratitude!



P.S. You know all those lessons about mealtime manners? Davie told me the other day that his daddy has been teaching him because “Papa Drummond taught him when he was a little boy, so now he’s teaching me.” You are making an impact on generations to come.


Dear Mom,

Where do I begin? You are amazing! You are talented in so many areas. You are artistic, creative, smart, and oh, so beautiful. You are gifted in learning languages. You are a writer, a teacher, a nurse, a student, and so many other things. And in the middle of all that, you find time to be a mom.

Remember the time when you recorded tapes for each of us kids. You sang a couple songs, (one was in Creole) and talked to us a bit. That tape was my pride and joy. I felt so special when I listened to it, because it was something Mommy had made just for me. That showed your thoughtfulness.

Remember when you painted my bedroom pink? I was away over night and when I came back home, I had the room of my dreams. That showed your thoughtfulness.

Remember when you made clothes for my dolls? I so wanted them to be fashionable, and when the stores didn’t have the kinds of dresses I want, you made them. That showed me that you are resourceful and it showed your thoughtfulness.

Remember when you made broccoli and cheese just because I was coming to visit and you knew it was my favorite? That showed me that you thought I was special and it showed your thoughtfulness.

Remember when you spent hours teaching me how to sew? It must have been incredibly frustrating for you. I know that I was frustrated to the point of tears on multiple occasions, but that showed your thoughtfulness too.

Remember the countless times that you told me to practice piano? I can’t imagine why you had all of us kids bang away for a 1/2 hour every day. It must have caused you to have quite the headache. However, it showed us the value of diligence and it showed your thoughtfulness.

Remember the times when our personalities clashed or when I’d say horrible things to you? You’d go away and pray and cry. I would just cry. The effort that you put into our relationship showed that you weren’t going to give up on me. It showed your thoughtfulness.

Mom, I love you. You are amazing and show so many qualities that I’d love to possess, but most of all, I hope that I inherit your thoughtfulness. It takes a special kind of person to pack up dinner rolls and send them several states away priority mail just to make someone’s day a little brighter. It takes a special kind of person to send valentines to all of her kids and their spouses and children, especially when there are so many of us. It takes a special kind of person to raise 8 children and keep track of birthdays, favorite foods, hobbies, and interests. You are that special person!

Love ya lots,


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