Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blessing #2: Jason



My husband is amazing! Yes, I know, every wife should think that about her husband. Let me just defend myself. Here are some of the reasons that my husband is fantabulous:

  1. He strives to be Christ-like – His decisions are based on the Biblical principles he has studied over the years. He shows by his actions and attitudes that he wants to be like Jesus.
  2. He is rarely wrong – I’m not sure how or why, but it really is true!
  3. He is quick to apologize – The few times that he is wrong, he admits it and apologizes sincerely.jason baby[4]
  4. He is an overcomer – I don’t know how much you know about Jason, but he has had a lot of difficulties in his life. Through those difficulties, he has persevered and become a better person. My husband does not give up!
  5. He is SOOOOO GOOD at managing our finances – If I had to do it, we’d be lost. Jason is fantastic at keeping us on budget, saving for the things we want, making practical decisions about what we really need, and keeping up with all the bills.
  6. He laughs at my jokes – Some people just don’t quite understand my sense of humor. He does!
  7. He is a talented cook – Not every wife can say that her husband can cook. I can! He loves experimenting with new dishes, cooking classics, and has even tried his hand at baking a few times.jason kid[4]
  8. He is a thinker – Jason thinks things through. If you need ideas, he’s the guy to ask. If you need a solution to a problem, he can probably give you several.
  9. He is a quick learner – Unlike me, Jason doesn’t make the same mistake twice. He learns quickly and can do anything he sets his mind to.
  10. He is efficient – Jason can almost always tell me a way to complete things more efficiently. He is a master of using every minute to its fullest.
  11. He is punctual – This was a must on my list of qualities I wanted in a guy. If Jason is going to be more than 3 minutes late, he calls to let me or anyone else know exactly what time he will be arriving.
  12. He is honest – I can always trust Jason to answer my questions, even the hard ones honestly.
  13. He is super mathematical – I have never met anyone except Jason who could tell me (without a GPS) to the minute what time we would be arriving at the end of a road trip, how many miles we would be driving, how much we would need to spend for gas and tolls, and so many other numerical details.Happy Husband[4]
  14. He is a mind reader – The days when I think (but don’t hint or say) that a bouquet of flowers would make my day a gazillion times better, guess what he brings home? That’s right, flowers. When I’m depressed about a birthday, he makes it the best one ever.
  15. He isn’t a shopper – Neither am I, so it’s great to be able to go in, get what we need, and get out.
  16. He puts up with me – That is a talent! I like to sing nonsensical songs that I make up as I clean. He tolerates them. I like to talk to him. . . a lot. He listens. I am clumsy. He has learned to laugh at my klutziness instead of fuss. He is super patient!
  17. He is frugal – He takes the money that I earn and the money that he earns, and makes it seem as though we have plenty even though the amounts are actually kind of meager. He can tell you exactly how and why it was cheaper to buy a washer and dryer than to do our laundry at the laundromat. He figures it to the penny!
  18. He sacrifices what he wants for me – For example, after 3 years of working at a certain Mexican fast food restaurant, I don’t really enjoy eating there. He doesn’t ever suggest or request that we go there, even though it is one of his favorites. (Occasionally we do go there anyway, but not unless I bring it up.)
  19. He is athletic – I love to watch Jason play basketball or football! He’s good at it, and he puts his all into it, just like he does into everything.
  20. He plans – he plans to plan, even. He makes plan a, b, c, and d. He is well prepared for most things, and to a go-with-the-flow girl like me, it is pretty impressive.
  21. He tries to understand me – Sometimes I don’t even understand myself. I am a product of two cultures. There are many times that I feel that I don’t fit in with Americans, and I have felt the same way in Ukraine. Jason understands that about me and helps me when I struggle to see things from an American point of view.
  22. He is smart – He keeps his grades high! To this teacher, that is important.
  23. He supports me in my job – Jason knows that if I were staying home every day, I would go stir-crazy. He knows I love my job and puts up with all the things that come with being the spouse of a teacher. (Venting, late suppers, homework all over the table, etc.)
  24. He manages his priorities well – He juggles work, school, me, church, and other relationships, and doesn’t drop the ball!jb
  25. He doesn’t read my blog – Well, maybe he’ll make an exception when I tell him I posted about him!


Ok, so maybe my list is a little long. If you stuck it out to the end you are either really devoted or a hopeless romantic, or maybe both. I have learned over the years we’ve been married that love is not about the mushy feeling some people get when they gaze into the eyes of their sweetheart. (I don’t know that I ever really had that feeling, even on my wedding day.) It is about a deep-settled commitment. I would not commit myself to any other guy I’ve met. Ultimately, I love Jason because I trust him with ever part of me. He has been such a blessing in my life, and I want to be sure to acknowledge that in my thanksgiving.

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