Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Review – Momaholic by Dena Higley


_225_350_Book.624.cover What would you do if your oldest son (who happens to be autistic) was just returning home after his second year of college? What about if your 14 year old daughter had just had reconstructive surgery? Your youngest son is getting into a risky business venture at school. Add to that the fact that you are a tv writer for a struggling tv show. You would be one busy person!

The latest book I’d like to share with you is Momaholic by Dena Higley. Momaholic is the story, or rather, the confessions of a “hover” mother or a helicopter parent. As a past tv writer, Dena Higley writes in a humorous and intriguing way as she tells of her parenting experiences and what she learned from them. She tells how hovering caused her life to spiral downward. Dena is honest about the problems she faced because of her hovering.

If you are a parent or a parent-to-be, I would definitely recommend this book to you. It conveys the emotions and struggles of a real-life mom. This is not a book specifically about parenting techniques, but more of an eye-opener to show that no parent is without problems and struggles.

You can find Momaholic at Amazon, Cbd, or wherever books are sold.


*** I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion about it as a part of the BookSneeze network. If you are a blogger interested in reviewing great Christian books, check out BookSneeze today. I received no other compensation for this post.

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