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Momumental – Book Review and Giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations to commentor #1
Although I am not yet a mom, I consider myself a “Mom-in-Training” so when I was asked to review MOMumental by Jennifer Grant, I leapt at the opportunity. Before I even opened the book, the cover drew my attention. What mom hasn’t had one of those days? Amid the hubbub of yet another busy morning as you are trying to get your family to eat at least some semblance of a nourishing breakfast, the phone rings, the dog barks, and plop! The cereal is all over the table, the kids, the floor, and you! Being a mom is a messy job!
In her book, MOMumental, published by Worthy Publishing, Jennifer Grant addresses the complications of being a mom. She talks about her dreams of being a great mom, and the reality of raising a child. She writes in a vivid style that will keep the most worn-out mommy awake as she talks about the way society tends to label moms and the importance of defining yourself by God’s plan for parenthood.
This book was certainly helpful to me as I prepare my heart to parent. I enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it to moms at any stage in life! You can find MOMumental online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever books are sold.
About the Author
Jennifer Grant is mother to four children and author of Love You More: The Divine
Surprise of Adopting My Daughter (2011). For more than a decade she wrote for papers in
the Sun-Times newsgroup. Currently she freelances for the Chicago Tribune and is a
regular contributor to hermeneutics, Christianity Today magazine's blog for women. Grant
is a Wheaton College graduate who received her master's in English and Creative Writing
from Southern Methodist University. She lives outside of Chicago, IL.
I am excited that in addition to reviewing this book, I have a copy to give away to one of my USA readers as well! To enter, simply comment below telling me one of your favorite moments of being a mommy, or why you would like this book if you are not a mommy. (Please be sure to include your email so that I can reach you if you win!)
Winner will be announced Thursday, May 24th.
Be sure to stop back by my blog tomorrow for a guest post by Jennifer Grant, so that you can experience her unique writing style for yourself.
**** I received this book from Handlebar Marketing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My 20 month old son is just starting to talk a little, but one of my favorite moments is when he wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a big hug. Each day is certainly a new adventure and it is very exciting being a Mom.

  2. First let me say, good for you! I read so much, and prayed frequently for my child long before we were expecting him. I wanted to be as "ready" as possible. I love that you are preparing in advance.
    Second, boy so hard to choose a favorite mommy moment! I love those moments when something you have been trying to teach "clicks". The snuggles of course can't be beat. I love watching his personality take shape...

    Just as a side note, you may enjoy Loving The Little Years. Great book, easy read.

  3. it is hard to choose a favorite mommy moment but one that comes to mind is hearing there 'mad at the world' cries when they are first born. and of course when they just out of the blue say I love you Mommy!

  4. What is a good parent? We moms often set impossible standards for ourselves, and feel that we can never be “a good mom.” Or at least a good enough mom. Momumental was so encouraging to me as a mom. Jennifer Grant offers solid advice, not just on parenting but on how to be intentional about building a family culture. She writes honestly about her own mistakes, her own perfectionism, and how her own family of origin impacted her. She also tells beautiful stories about her family that made me laugh and cry. I’m recommending this book who anyone who is raising children—which is a messy but beautiful art.


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