Friday, March 9, 2012

Frugal Friday #2

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Meat is one of the most expensive groceries that most people purchase. Jason and I do several things to make this part of our diet a little less expensive.
- Buy bigger packages and freeze.
Many grocery stores offer “family-size” packages of meat. Often these packages are less expensive per pound than the smaller sizes. We portion the meat into meal size amounts, and freeze it for later use.
- Buy meat when it is on sale.
We don’t buy meat every week. Rather, we buy it when it is on sale, or at the end of the day when it is marked down. We portion and freeze the meat. Then, I plan our meals from what we have on hand. We rarely pay more than $2/lb. for any kind of meat unless it is for a special occasion.
- Do your own trimming.
Instead of buying name brand chicken quarters that have been nicely trimmed $1-$1.50 per pound, we buy 10 pound bags of chicken quarters and trim them ourselves for $0.59 per pound. It takes a little extra time, but in the long run, even when we trim the fat and skin, we still save a significant amount of money.
- Plan meatless meals.
Meatless meals can still be healthy meals. Try to plan at least one meal a week without using any meat. Instead of meat try using beans as the protein for a meal.
Try some recipes like these: (Omit any meat in the recipes, they’ll still taste great!)
- Use meat as an ingredient, not the main dish.
Maybe once every week or two we use meat as a main dish, when we have something like barbequed chicken, roast, or some type of fish. Most days, however, we stretch our meat out in recipes like these:
So, how do you make the meat you buy stretch? Do you have a favorite meatless recipe? I’d love to hear your frugal ideas. Link them up below.


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