Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. Email. Cell Phones. Connections.

We all have them. We all need them. They are our friends from the past, bloggers we have never met, and people we have read or heard about. They are our family, friends, and co-workers. Life is about connections.

We connect every day with the people around us, both online and in person. Some connections are chosen and some are seemingly forced upon us. We don’t always choose who we connect with, but we do choose how we connect with them.

In today’s society of connections, it seems that we are so busy living our lives publicly on social media sites that we let our private connections suffer. We connect with quick words, a few sentences here and there, a greeting at the church. It seems as though our conversations don’t get much deeper than the weather, politics, and the daily happenings of life. Our connections are momentary and so many times insignificant.

I think about the connections Jesus had. There were the Samaritans, harlots, children, laborers, politicians, the undesirable ones, but there were also the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the other “righteous” people of his day.

How did He connect? He looked for needs and He met them. If the need was forgiveness, He gave it. If the need was honesty, He shared it. If the need was healing, He provided it. He reached out. He touched lives. He made changes. I don’t read of any connection he made that was insignificant.

It is so easy to reach out to someone who posts about loneliness with a few kind words. Does that touch their life? I suppose. But it is much more difficult to take the time to make a change by visiting that person, or giving them a phone call.

I don’t want to just make momentary connections. I don’t want my encouragement for others to be limited to words. I want to make connections like Jesus did. I want to show others His love by touching lives and make changes. I want to connect like Christ.

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