Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heaven is for Real: Book Review

As a part of the BookSneeze book review team, I recently received a copy of Heaven is for Real to read and review. There had already been quite a buzz about this book, and I was eager to read it for myself.

Heaven is for realHeaven is for Real is the true story of a young boy’s trip to heaven while he was the subject of an emergency operation. In Heaven, little Colton met his miscarried sister, whom he had never been told about. He met and described his great grandfather, who had died 30 years before Colton’s birth, and gives other amazing descriptions of Heaven. His father, a Nebraskan pastor, began to study Colton’s descriptions and compare them to the Biblical descriptions of Heaven. What he found surprised him. The more he studied, the more he realized that his son’s experiences lined up with the Bible.

To be honest, when I began reading this book, I was rather skeptical. As I read, however, I was truly fascinated with the accounts of Colton’s experiences. One of the most fascinating parts of the book to me was Colton’s description of Jesus, and this picture. 386532_10150493221935017_529805016_8876730_1375435932_n This picture was drawn by a little girl with similar experiences to Colton’s, and is the only picture that Colton has seen that he thinks is an accurate portrayal of Jesus. I would strongly recommend that you read this book for yourself!

Heaven is for Real is written by Colton’s father Todd Burpo, with Lynn Vincent. It is published by Thomas Nelson publishers and is available wherever Christian books are sold.

**** I received this book in exchange for an honest review as part of the BookSneeze blogger team. If you are a blogger interested in reviewing Christian books, go check them out at

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  1. You did a good job describing the book. I enjoyed reading that book also.


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