Friday, September 23, 2011


And the story continues. . .

Once again, my blog has been sadly neglected as I enter into a new school year. I have been told several times as the school year started, “Oh, you are so organized!”

If only.

However, my priority has been getting the school year off to a successful start. To see pics of my classroom and some of what my students and I have been up to, visit my classroom blog here.

I have also discovered the new realm of Pinterest. I have found oodles of exciting new ideas, and have been using a lot of them in my classroom this year. They have saved me time and effort, and have really sparked my creativity.

I am looking forward to blogging some interesting things in the weeks ahead(including a $25 giveaway), though, so stay posted.

This post is full of my random thoughts, but there is one thing of significance that I wanted to be sure and post.

A couple of weeks ago, central PA was visited with severe rainfall. The Susquehanna river reached a higher stage than it has in years, and the little creek that runs through the village we live in was flooded as well as you can see by these pictures my husband took as the waters were receding. 


Since we live on a hill, our home was not directly affected by the flooding. However we do have a leaky basement, and had knee deep water because of the incessant rain. I was worried about the things that had been ruined, worried about our sump pump that had quit, and worried about when the rain would stop.

My husband and I headed into town to buy some boots so that we could safely wade through the pond that was our basement. As we were checking out, the man in front of us turned to us and told us his flood story. He had been evacuated from his home, and had only the possessions he could fit into his van. “But that’s all right,” he said. “Things can be replaced. I’m safe, my daughter is safe, and the elderly gentleman I take care of is safe.”

What a perspective! All of a sudden, my few containers of ruined things floating around in the basement didn’t seem nearly as important. I was safe. My husband was safe. My family was safe. That evening as we rode home, I determined to enjoy spending time with my husband and to be thankful for the people that surround me.

So, when you are fretting about the things that are going wrong in your life this week, just remember what the truly important parts of life are. Spend time with the people you love. Make memories that will last even when things do not. Live. Love.



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  1. That is absolutely wonderful advice. I am glad that you didn't have excessive flooding. Hope you didn't lose to much.


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