Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving and Miscellaneous Other Things

The last few months have been a hustle and bustle of activity. As a matter of fact, since about the last marking period of the school year, I had not even looked at my blog. So, today I took some time to give it a face-lift in honor of Independence Day.  Tell me what you think, and let me know if you have any problems viewing it. (It looks better in Firefox, by the way.)
Boxes, boxes, and more boxes ready to be moved to our new home.
So anyway, here are some of the things that have been happening in the last few months.
* Mom, Dad, Kent and Allona returned to the States for an indefinite furlough. They stayed with us for a week or so when they first arrived.
* I finished the school year with all its events, parties, grading, and hoop-la.
IMG_0322* My sister Charity graduated from Penn View Bible Institute as salutatorian of her class with a double major in missions and child-evangelism.
IMG_0319* My brother Seth graduated with a one year certificate in Biblical Studies. He plans to further his education at a technical college.
* Jason and I went through adoption training classes. We are in the beginning stages of foster-to-adopt. (More on that later.)
* Charity gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on June 1st. Hannah Ruth is a cutie with a full head of hair.
* Our house sold for a higher amount then what we paid for it without officially being on the market. (This is a definite answer to prayer in today’s economy. Someone heard we might be interested in selling via word-of-mouth, and they were VERY interested in buying.)
* We have been packing, packing, packing for our move back to campus at the school where I teach.
* Since we are downsizing, as far as our house goes, we had to downsize as far as our “stuff” goes as well. We had a weekend moving sale and got rid of quite a bit of odds and ends.
IMG_0192* Jason graduated via correspondence and online study from Hobe Sound Bible College with a BA in General Ministerial Studies . I am so incredibly proud of him for finishing what he started.
* Jason enrolled in Liberty University Online and began working toward a masters degree in accounting.
* I was responsible for ministering in the Gospel Station at our church. (This would be the equivalent of a junior/children’s church.) I used the wordless book as a theme.
So, needless to say, I’ve been too busy living life to post about it. Our next couple weeks look as though they will be full of hustle and bustle as well. We will be moving on the Fourth of July. We will have lots of painting, cleaning, and unpacking to keep us busy. So, until next time. . .
. . . may you be blessed.


  1. Hope your move goes smoothly!!! Exciting to hear about your adoption process! My sister and BIL have recently finished their home study and now are just waiting to be chosen by a birth mother. Adoption is a journey of waiting! But what a worthwhile outcome!


  2. Welcome back girl!
    So excited to hear about your adoption beginnings! That has long been a deep heart passion of mine and I pray that one day God will fulfill that heart's desire and allow me to be mommy to a child(ren) who needs one (please don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the family God has already blessed me with but...)
    Good luck on the unpacking and settling in. Have a good summer!


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