Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review – A Conversation With God for Women by Marcia Ford

A Conversation With God for Women by Marcia Ford is a practical book for women with questions. It provides insightful information straight from the Bible on questions that many of today's women have. Included are questions such as "Jesus, why was a virgin birth necessary?"; "The Bible, what can it teach women?"; "What about women in ministry?"; and "How can we trust after betrayal?"
This book contains 55 different questions, broken up into seven categories. The author then uses Scripture to provide Biblical answers to the questions.
When I first got this book, I was excited thinking that it would include a little more application to daily living with questions that women struggle with in their personal lives, not just faith based questions. These questions are mainly questions about the Christian faith that could be easily found in a simple concordance search in the Bible. However, I do think that this book would be very appropriate for a new believer or for someone who is not familiar with doing Biblical research.
Although I would probably not buy this book for myself, I would possibly buy it for a new convert.

**** This book was provided in exchange for an honest review by BookSneeze a blogger book review program. I did not receive any other compensation.

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