Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have the best husband in the world. Really! Keep reading to find out why. . .



The teacher’s day started just like any other Friday. She got out of bed after hitting snooze one too many times, and hurriedly dressed. She tried not to wake her half-asleep husband but was unsuccessful. She hurried out the door after a quick “I love you.”

As usual, the hurried teacher dropped her book bag in the passenger side of the car, turned the key in the ignition, and grabbed the window scraper off the floor. As she did, her eyes were drawn to the usually vacant driver’s seat. There was a card topped off with a honey bun. The smiling teacher made short work of cleaning her windshield and quickly grabbed the card and the honey bun. The honey bun was frozen solid, so with another smile, the curious teacher set it to the side and opened the card. Inside was some money and a message telling the teacher to save the money until a later time.

Now the teacher’s mind was whirling. The intrigued teacher continued with her day. The trip to school seemed shorter than usual as she tried to decide the purpose of the money. She pulled into the parking lot, hurried into the school, made her way to her classroom and unlocked the door.

The cheerful teacher was surprised to see a gift on her desk. DSC_2373

How it got there, she had no idea. She quickly opened the gift and smiled again at the thoughtfulness of her husband.

The day continued as a Friday normally does. The teacher stood next to her students during chapel, strategically placing herself within a whisper’s distance of the overly-energetic student of the day.

The teacher gave spelling tests, taught about pronouns, fractions, and long division, watched the activities of her children during yet another indoor recess, and answered countless questions about myriads of 3rd and 4th grade dilemmas. She monitored her students at lunch, and then was able to sit at her desk for a moment to answer student questions as the students took their turns at the restroom.

At one point, the observant teacher noticed one of her particularly energetic students rush to the door. She heard a knock and questioned the student about it. “But Mrs. Morford,” he said, “There are balloons at the door!” The teacher quickly went to the door and opened it, expecting to see the high school students delivering the Valentine’s fundraiser balloons they had been selling. What met her at the door was not at all what she expected.

The surprised teacher saw her husband with a beautiful bouquet of roses and daisies and a bunch of balloons.


Her husband asked her, “Are your lesson plans ready?”

The confused teacher confirmed that they were, and her husband replied, “Great, here’s a substitute. Get your things and let’s go.” The still-surprised teacher explained a few things to the substitute quickly, grabbed her coat, and headed out the classroom door, much to the delight of her students.

As she and her sweetheart walked through the halls of the school toward the main door, the teacher was transformed into a smiling, laughing, newlywed. Her husband walked her to the car, opened the door for her, and whisked her away.

First, he took her to a few thrift stores to spend the money he had given her. He waited patiently as she perused through racks and racks of clothing. The teacher was surprised once again when there was a collectible figurine


on the dash of the car when the couple returned to travel to their next destination.

Next, the amazingly wonderful gentleman took his bride to dinner at a humongous smorgasbord.


Yet another surprise gift awaited the teacher when she returned with her plate of food. The couple enjoyed a variety of foods as they relished each other’s company.

The spoiled-rotten teacher had to stop back by the school on her way home, and so her prince took the other chariot home while she gathered her things. She stopped for a few minutes to chat with her sweet-soon-to-be-a-mommy-sister. When she finally arrived home at the end of a fantabulous day, she heard music coming from the other room.

The curious teacher followed the sound to a neatly arranged table with chocolates, more figurines,




and a new mp3 player filled with some of her favorite music. The blessed teacher ended the day more sure than ever that she had married the man of her dreams.

The end. . . of that day, but not our love story!


  1. A sweeter guy you could not find! Every thought and moment was so very special. Happy Birthday, Bethany!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday filled with many surprises. Your little figurines are adorable.That bouquet is gorgeous and it sounds like you made some special memories.


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