Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Living Room ~ After

When we were first married, we furnished our house with the classiest cheapest furnishings we could find. After all, we were both making minimum wage or less, and we wanted to pay off the small amount of debt we had from our wedding before we made any major purchases.

We bought a couch from a thrift store. It was blue and cheap. We got a recliner (that wouldn’t recline) along the side of the road for free. It was another shade of blue. We got a rocker at a thrift store. I recovered the stained cushions with a somewhat matching shade of blue. (See that story here.) That was pretty much the extent of our living room furnishings. When we bought our home, the blue brigade came with us. They met our living room with its off-white walls, and they were all a motley sort of crew.

Over the course of the last three years, the blue brigade got older just like we all do. So, recently, I had been keeping my eye out for a newer set of furnishings. I preferred something with no nails sticking out and no rips and tears. I also dreamed of having living room furniture that actually matched.

On Labor Day, I stopped by the local furniture store to check out their special one day sale. I dragged my husband over and in the back room of the store we spotted the perfect furniture for us. It was used, matching, inexpensive, and in good condition. So, to make a long story short, we got the furniture and painted the living room to go along with it. Check it out.



The set came with a couch, a loveseat, and a chair. Now we don’t have to pull out folding chairs anytime more than three people come to visit!

DSC_2244We used a color called Favorite Jeans on the walls. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

It has been such a joy in the weeks since we’ve painted to just sit on our lovely, new (to us), matching furniture and chat together about our days, our lives and our hopes and dreams for the future.

Now I’m curious. How did you furnish your home when you were first married? Was it with odds and ends, or was it beautiful and matching? I’d love to hear!


  1. When we were married back in 1984, our living room furniture consisted of a matching overstuffed couch and chair that my husband found at a garage sale. There were no rips or tears, but it wasn't exactly beautiful either! We used that for probably about 12 years and finally had to put a piece of plywood under the cushions because it sank down so far when you sat in it. We didn't get our first new set of living room furniture until we'd been married about 15 years.

  2. Looks very nice. We started out with furniture that my mother-in-law was getting rid of.

  3. Your living room looks so lovely now. You did a good job. A long time ago after having to store everything I owned to go stay in the hospital with my 3 week old baby for a month, I came back to find it all stolen and was told it went to the county dump. I headed up there to see if I could locate any of my stuff. Not a bit was to be found. God comes to our rescue and there is a couch,chair,table,dining chair, and just about everything I needed setting to the side away from all the garbage and even covered to keep it clean. If you can imagine a little mavrick grabber loaded down and a couch tied to the roof going down the road that was me. Of course I cleaned everything before using but the place was now furnished after several trips. I slowly worked on a crib, high chair, playpen, etc. and there they would be sitting there for me each time I went to the dump. That is when I lived in what I called the dump house as everything came from the dump in it.Yes I lost a lot of material things but I still had what was the most important with me. God answered every one of my prayers for what we needed.

  4. Your new living room looks nice!

    We started out in a tiny "furnished" apartment. It was so tiny there wasn't really room for much furniture, but there were the basics - bed, futon, small table, etc. When we moved from there. . . we had nothing. Family members loaned/gave us a bed, two dressers (not a set), an old drop leaf table and two chairs, and a desk. That was pretty well the extent of the furniture in the whole place. Oh and we had bought a folding club chair with a footstool, so we had the desk, the club chair, and a plain camping chair in our bare living room until we were blessed with two identical nearly brand new couches (we worked for a company that did property management and someone was getting rid of these perfect couches for no good reason). Anyway, since then we've moved again and now have room for both couches (one's a hide-a-bed), a TV/stereo stand, two large floor speakers, and two hand me down end tables (complete with lamps). We've come a ways!

  5. It's very pretty! I love seeing peoples decorating.

  6. I love your furniture.

    After 21 years of marriage our furniture is still just odds and ends.


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