Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Goes On

Day by day, minute by minute, life continues. It seems as though in the busyness of living life, this blog has been put on the backburner of my mind.

Jason was laid off a couple of weeks ago for the winter. He has been so sweet and thoughtful, taking over the household chores of dishes, laundry, and cooking once a week. Besides that, he has done several handyman projects around the house getting things ready for winter. I am so pleased with my new broom closet, which now has three shelves instead of one.


Together we tore down the old smoke house at the back of our property. It was rotting from the ground up and was an eyesore that needed to go. I am so grateful for a hard-working husband.

School has been going well this year. I am pleased to have an obedient class, and have been having lots of fun making each day exciting.

We painted our living room and got new (to us) furniture awhile ago, and that has made our double-wide seem so much more homey and personal. I’ll be posting those pictures soon.

Have a super fantabulous day and know that you are special as can be!

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