Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I try to smile daily. Actually, I try to smile many times daily. Sometimes, however, I don’t have to try. Some times my days are filled with smile-makers. Here are some of the recent smile-makers in my life.

DSC_0032My adorable nephew Josiah. I was able to help his mommy recover this car seat just before he was born in July. When I hold him in my arms, I can’t help but smile.

DSC_0046When the student I tutored over the summer brought her kitten one day, that was a smile-maker. It was a laughter and giggle maker as the tiny kitten chased my twice-her-size dog around the house.


This smiley cake from my student was another smile-maker! She made it herself, and I thought of her sweetness with each sweet chocolate bite.


Beautiful flowers are always a smile-maker. These were from my summer student’s grateful parents.



A classroom prepared for a new school year is a smile-maker for any excited young teacher. This year I am starting the year with a western theme. Some of my bulletin boards include “Write ‘Em Cowboys,” (a writing prompt board) “Howdy Y’all!”(a welcome board) “Wanted: Law Abiding Citizens,” (for classroom rules) “Round Up of Good Work,” (Student work bulletin board) and “Yeehaw, What a State!” (history bulletin board).

Find a smile-maker today! They’re good for a person. Better yet, be a smile-maker for someone else. Smiles are better when shared!


  1. Fun post Bethany! Once read of someone who had a "Smile File" with pictures, notes etc that made them especially happy. They would pull it out when they were feeling down.

  2. Aww, what lovely smile-makers you have!


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