Wednesday, August 4, 2010



The other day I went to do some laminating at our school office. The secretary wasn’t there, but I wanted to jot her a quick note. I started to write her a note, wondering why it felt so awkward. Then it dawned on me. That was the first time I had written anything in cursive all summer! Bad teacher! My to do list is on my computer. My correspondence is on my computer. My grocery list is on my computer. My journal is on my computer. I am so accustomed to typing, emailing, and so on, that it is very rare that I write anything during the summer.

Technology has become such a part of our lives that we don’t use some of the things we grew up using nearly every day. What are some of the things that you never do anymore? Do you find yourself not writing things as often? Do you think that relying so heavily on technology is a good thing?



  1. I do that too!! I definitely think technology is wonderful thing but I feel we have lost some of the basics such as handwriting. This Summer we went to a museum in San Antonio Texas and saw people's journals from hundreds of years ago and I was shocked at how beautiful their handwriting was. I even made a comment to my hubby how we are loosing the art of handwriting!

  2. I love your blog design!! Not sure if it's new, It's been awhile since I've clicked over to your blog. (I read it in my google reader) :)

  3. Sad, but I prefer the keyboard to handwriting. Mistakes are more easily changed and sometimes I just don't like my handwriting. Guess I am getting rusty, which is the point of your post :)


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