Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review – Venom and Song

Venom and Song is the latest book I’ve been reading. It is the second book in the Berinfell Prophecies series by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. The book is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers and has 384 pages. It definitely captured my interest. Here is the publisher’s description:

Now in the strange realm of Allyra, the Seven young lords confront a traitor in their midst, a creature-infested forest, teenage fears and doubts, inexplicable mysteries . . . and the Spider King himself.
In a rigorous training program that makes boot camp look like Disneyland, the Seven must quickly learn to harness their own powers, work as one, and elude the Spider King’s spies. But as the ancient Berinfell Prophecies are revealed, the Seven soon discover their training might not be enough. To stop the Spider King they must also unravel the secrets of the Rainsong, travel to a creepy, trap-infested fortress to find the legendary keystone, and lead the Berinfell Elves in an attack on the Spider King’s own turf. An epic adventure with powerful messages about true strength, forgiveness, and working together as one body that will grab the attention of intermediate readers.
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At first when I received this book, I thought that it would be difficult to read because it is the second in the series. However, at the front of the book, there is a large glossary of cast and locations from the previous book. If you read that information, the book is easy to follow.
This book is an exciting book full of action! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me of the Lord of the Rings series, but seemed to be written for a more modern audience of teens and young adults. The book includes strong character values such as love, forgiveness, truth, and teamwork. Venom and Song contains just enough romance to interest girls, but not so much to turn away boys. In the same way, it has a good amount of war scenes, but not so many that the entire book is about war. It was easy to read, and held my attention well. I would recommend this book to anyone, but particularly to those who like fantasy books.

*** I recieved this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers as a part of the BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. Check it out and receive free books for yourself!

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