Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baltimore in June

The week after my sister’s wedding, we took a much needed weekend away. We went to Baltimore. We went to Fort McHenry, which is where the national anthem was written. We went to Antietam, and also to two lovely gardens. So, needless to say, I have oodles of pictures to post. I will probably post them over a couple of days so that you are not overwhelmed.

The first garden we visited was Brookside Gardens. They had a lovely walking trail and lots of beautiful flowers. I don’t know the names of most of them, so maybe you can help me out! I’ll label them as you comment! Unfortunately, although I love to look at flowers, I don’t know much about them and cannot keep them alive, no matter how hard I try. I did grow a squash once. . .


This waxy looking flower Hawaiian Red Anthurium is real, even though it doesn’t look like it could be. I love its vibrant red!


These variegated hydrangeas were gorgeous. I would love to plant some, but with my green black thumb, I don’t think they would do so well.  


Look at the bee! They were all over these yellow beauties!



But they weren’t partial to yellow, the bees liked the pink flowers, too.



Some flowers were tall.


Others, not so much.


All were unique. Who says spiky can’t be beautiful.


I love the delicate colors of this flower. Wouldn’t it be great to decorate a whole room with these lovely pinks and whites?


Many of the plants, one whole section of the garden in fact, were edible. I actually know the name of this one! It’s a pineapple plant!

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