Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wedding

My little sister got married on June 12th. It seems like yesterday that she was playing house with the neighbor kid in our backyard. That sweet little girl was a beautiful bride.

A few people have asked for wedding details, so they are included. Don’t feel obligated to read them all, though.

God has truly guided Nathan and Charity, and blessed them with each other. Who knew that a boy from a small town in Northern Ireland would be led to Bible college where he would just happen to meet a missionary kid from Ukraine? God knew.


Here are some pictures from the special day. My husband was the photographer and did a fantastic job. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Charity and Dad at the rehearsal

Our church had just finished VBS the night before, so we scurried to decorate Friday evening. The rehearsal was Saturday morning.

After the rehearsal, we had a delicious brunch prepared by a friend of Nathan and Charity’s.

Most of the family spent the afternoon here, there, and everywhere working on last minute details.

Then it was time for getting ready at the church,DSC_0242d


followed by pictures with the bride and then pictures with the groom.


Charity with her nephew Davie, the Bible bearer.


Charity with her “adopted” niece Natalie Seeley, the flower girl.


Charity with her family


Charity with Mom and Dad


Charity with Nathan’s parents


Nathan with his Mum and Dad


Nathan with his sister, Christine, and brother-in-law, Keith


Nathan with his pastor from Northern Ireland

Of course, there were lots of other poses, but these are some of the more special ones.

Then came the wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids wore maroon and navy dresses.


The flowers were dark red roses and white daisies.


Kissing balls were hung from the chandeliers



There was music throughout the ceremony


Songs included:

Lord, Let Your Light ~ the Durkee family

State of the Union Message ~ David Drummond and Bethany Morford

I’ll Cherish the Treasure ~ Monique Freer

More ~ Bethany Morford

Lord, Bless Our Home ~ the Durkee family


Some of the songs were during the prelude and others were while something else was happening during the ceremony.


Right before the bridal march, a bagpiper played Amazing Grace. This was definitely unique and meant a lot to Nathan.


Here comes the bride!


Giving of the bride


The family gathered around for prayer. The two fathers led in prayer for the couple.




Both Davie and Natalie were full of energy during parts of the ceremony.


The two officiating pastors, Rev. James Plank, and Rev. Barry Mander


Charity singing I’ll be Your’s Forever


The sermon


During one of the songs, Charity and Nathan gave roses (and hugs) to each of their mothers. It was a surprise to the mothers.


Nathan claiming his bride!


Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Purdy


And this is how Davie looked at the end of the wedding.

Here are a few more pictures from the day. DSC_0710

Nathan and Charity with Davie and Natalie


The newlyweds with the bagpiper


The wedding party



 DSC_0241b DSC_0428

Allona, the guest book attendant, and Rev. Mander

DSC_0431 DSC_0666

Pianist, Jon Plank, and Clark Freer

DSC_0195b DSC_0224c DSC_0364 DSC_0183 DSC_0356a DSC_0344c

DSC_0825b DSC_0807a DSC_0808 DSC_0809a DSC_0815a DSC_0817a DSC_0806 DSC_0756f DSC_0767c DSC_0773a DSC_0774e DSC_0795a DSC_0850

The cake


The bridal table at the reception

The reception was beautifully decorated by Roxanne Shiery and Trish Rine. They made the school auditorium look very elegant.

The menu, carefully prepared by family and friends, was:


Tea Sandwiches

Vegetable trays

Cheese balls with crackers

Fruit cups

Cocktail Sausages


Banana Punch


It was a beautiful wedding, and all the time, effort, and hard work definitely paid off. Congratulations, Charity and Nathan. May God bless your marriage as He has your lives to this point, and even more!


  1. What a joy to view the many precious moments of this special day! Jason did a great job photographing ~ the photos are wonderful. Lovely Bride and Groom! Blessings and best wishes to your sister and her husband!

  2. Bethany, you did a great job giving a report of the wedding! Thank you!! And Jason's pictures are super! Thank you for sharing.

  3. very nice pictures
    and a lovely wedding..

  4. Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey, I love the pictures. I think I want him to do my wedding pictures too. Love and miss you. --Allona


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