Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week - Elementary

The Dark Side of the Chalkboard

Dear Mrs. Randolph,

Over and over again, as I teach from the same curriculum you used to use, I think of you. There are lots of things that I think about, but a few in particular come to mind.

First, I think of your fabulous stories. Many a time, you would tell us a story about a little girl named Janie, and a lesson she learned. At the end, you would tell us that little Janie was you. I always thought you must have had such a fun childhood with all those adventures. You told us wild fantasy stories and at the end, the main character would realize that it was all a dream. You inspired your students to use their imaginations and create stories of their own. For that I thank you.

Secondly, I think of your patience. Sometimes I’m tempted to complain about the two grades I have in my classroom. Then I remember that you had four grades. I can’t imagine how you did it. I do remember that you always seemed to have time for your students, though.

Finally, I remember the games you would play with us.  I play them with my students sometimes. You’d be amazed how long of a story they can create without using the word “and.” They are also quite good at Rythym, and Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone.

Thanks for all you did. You taught me that creativity was essential, patience is a must, and it’s ok to have fun.





Dear Mrs. O’Neal,

I only had you as a teacher for one short year, but your creativity and compassion remain with me today.

The special bunny cake topped with coconut “fur” that you made for our Easter party is still fresh in my mind.

I also remember science experiments. You made me curious, and inspired me to enjoy the fun of learning!

Thank you,



  1. these ladies sound wonderful...it ok to have fun...i like that...

  2. If only your teachers could read all of these, I am sure they would greatly appreciate them.

  3. So cool! Thanks for stopping by....By the way, me and Mr. Linky are in a fight, and the links from yesterday went away...I am working on it, sorry. THanks for posting this week!


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