Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinner Drama

Friday, my husband said I needed to take I took a day off school. This meant making plans for substitutes, a day away from some super stressful student situations, a fun date with my husband, and not receiving the school menu for this week. Some of those things are good, and some are bad.
My husband had been really looking forward to having barbecued chicken for supper. When I got to school yesterday, I checked the menu, and guess what? That's right, barbecued chicken. Being the thoughtful and considerate wife that I am, I decided to make it at home for my man anyway. So, yesterday for lunch and supper I had variations on a theme. The theme - barbecued chicken!
In the busy-ness of Monday's routine and catching up from a substitute, I forgot to look at the menu for the rest of the week until this morning. My husband and I were looking forward to having french fries and fish sticks for supper tonight. When I looked at today's menu at school, I couldn't help but laugh. That's right. Today's school lunch was fish sticks and french fries.
One day is ok. Two days are too much! I called my husband, and we decided that we would switch to Friday's plan of hot dogs and baked beans.
Oh, but that's not all! In fact, that's just the preface. Today, I came home from another stress-filled day. I pulled out the hot dogs, and dumped them in a pan. I opened the can of baked beans, which happened to be what Jason has been craving, and dumped them in another pan. Then, I turned on the burners. Or I thought I did.
You see, Jason has complained several times about the stove knobs not being labeled. His dislexia had caused him to turn on the wrong one a couple of times. Eventually, he decided that he had gotten used to them, so I didn't label them.(Please pardon the fingerprints.)

Today, shortly after I had turned on the stove, Jason and I were sitting in the study when we heard a very strange sound. It sounded like an explosion. We got up and rushed into the kitchen. The floor and cabinets were covered with glass shards.
I had accidentally left a baking dish on the back burner of the stove. In my stress, ditziness, and pre-occupation, I turned on the back burner instead of the front one. So, because of the cold air and the hot burner, the pan and the brownie crumbs left in it literally exploded!
Needless to say, the meal had to be scrapped, since there were glass shards all through it.
What a big mess from such a little pan!
I am so very thankful that neither Jason or I were in the kitchen when this happened! Otherwise, I could be a part of a very different story right now.
Drama? I'd say so!


  1. Oh my! You had a very bad day! Tomorrow will have to be better!

  2. Oh my. So lucky you all weren't in there. That is one big mess. Hope the stress goes down soon.


  3. Wow!! That would have been so scary! So glad no one got hurt.

  4. yikes! hope that your day today is a little less arduous. smiles.


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