Tuesday, November 10, 2009

100 things that make me happy!

I saw another blog with this kind of post, and decided I had to do one of my own. These are in no particular order.

1. the “aha” look when a student learns something
2. my husband
3. gentlemen who open doors for me
4. holding hands with my sweetheart
5. singing to music at the top of my lungs
6. a freshly cleaned kitchen
7. bubble baths
8. shopping with my sisters
9. good books
10. babies

11. good mail
12. roses from my husband
13. drawings from my students
14. writing songs
15. twirly skirts
16. hotel room beds (so comfy)
17. seeing dolphins at the ocean

18. kissing in the middle of the road on a rainy evening walk
19. hugs
20. an inside toilet (We lived with an outhouse for 6 months when I grew up in Ukraine.)
21. a home of my own
22. a day of hard work
23. compliments about achievements
24. designing blogs for fun
25. teaching
26. singing the high notes
27. long walks with my husband
28. mint oreo ice cream
29. Chinese food
30. Christmas
31. cooking fancy meals

32. baking
33. cuddling with my puppies or my cat
34. dark chocolate
35. candles
36. Dollar Tree
37. playing Wii
38. smiles from strangers
39. worshipping God
40. the end of the school year
41. the beginning of the school year
42. Parent teacher conferences being completed
43. blogging
44. decorating for Christmas
45. new clothes
46. getting new things for free with coupons
47. weekend vacations
48. midnights at Dunkin’ Donuts
49. working out
50. an empty laundry basket
51. a full freezer
52. a peaceful home
53. someone else doing my hair
54. birds chirping in the morning
55. hand-written letters
56. inspiring ideas
57. snow days
58. chocolate chip pancakes
59. family nearby
60. students who serve God
61. driving with the sunroof open
62. playing with my husband’s curls
63. keeping up with my blog (I know, I haven’t done too well with that lately.)
64. Comments on my blog
65. Giveaways
66. Winning giveaways
67. my husband’s blue eyes
68. meeting new people
69. learning new things
70. traveling to new places
71. singing around campfires
72. Christmas caroling
73. giving to others
74. test keys
75. spring flowers
76. taking pictures
77. editing pictures
78. dressing up
79. high heels
80. new shoes
81. friendly emails
82. making a new recipe
83. surprises
84. dreaming about the future
85. sleeping in
86. playground swings
87. Frappucino
88. a frugal husband
89. google.com
90. our gps
91. high-speed internet
92. Christmas songs
93. being a child of the King
94. broccoli and cheese
95. advent calendars
96. being employee of the month
97. friendly service in a store
98. being creative
99. my 4 wonderful nephews
100. finishing this list!

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