Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Man's Best Friend!

We have been wanting to get a dog recently. Last week, we saw an ad in the Shopper for these two Jack Russells, and so they are what we ended up with.
This is Meika. She is around 4 years old, and is the mother of the other dog. She knows when to be quiet and when to bark. She loves to play fetch.

This is Daffy (We did not name the dogs.) Meika is her mother. She is 3 yrs old, and is more quiet than her mother is. She also loves to play catch.
Both dogs are housebroken, thank goodness. They don't require a lot of attention, but soak up all the attention we give them. They love to cuddle on my lap in the evening. They haven't quite come to terms with Belle yet, but I'm sure they will before too long.

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