Thursday, August 13, 2009

Port Matilda Camp & Pictures for Nathan :-)

I have been at a camp meeting in Port Matilda, PA, since last Friday. The campground is in the middle of the woods, and is absolutely beautiful. I have been helping Charity out with the children's services and just having a great time.

This is Betsy the Believer Basket, the main character of the continued story Charity wrote for the Fruit of the Spirit theme.

We had fun working together to make a fruit memory game and to decorate the small room we hold our services in. There have been between 1-18 children, depending on the day.

This is Betsy's Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Joyful Jar.

It has been a true delight to be able to spend some time with Mike and Brenda Mayhle this week!

And now comes the part that only Nathan reads!We went to a park one afternoon to play softball. Charity played for awhile, but then was rather tired, and just watched.

She did, however, have enough energy to hang from the rafters of the dugout!

When I told her to smile for Nathan, this is the look that I got.
"Don't you dare post this on your blog!"

This is the picture of her face when I said that I was going to post it because Nathan wanted to see her beautiful face. (or something like that)
Teaching actively!
Poor Betsy, she's full of old dirty rags. Poor Charity, she hasn't seen Nathan for at least two months. . .

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