Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning Haiku

Chill of early air,
Chirping of the cheerful birds,
A new, bright morning.


  1. Morning sun shines bright,
    Catching up with blogging friends,
    Nice to visit you!

    Blessings today, sweet Bethany!

  2. I love Haiku poems! I would do several of these with my 2nd graders!! I am going to start a Teacher Swap Carnival on my blog soon!! I'd love you to join in since you are a teacher too!!

    BTW I'd give anything to have a Chill in the air here in Texas! It's HOT here!

  3. It says it all. What a way to start the morning. Reading something like this will make you realize that more than the tasks one should accomplish for the whole day, there is a beautiful morning that awaits us and that challenges us to live the day as it is, fresh and bright. And that if the day doesn't end well? There's always another day tomorrow. Every morning is a fresh start.


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