Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'll Be Back Soon

I have been away from home since last Friday. I won't be home until Monday, but managed to stop in at a library to use their wireless connection. I am at a campmeeting where my sister and I are in charge of the children's services. The theme is The Fruit of the Spirit.

Let me introduce Mrs. Joyful Jar, a Sunday School teacher in the continued story we have been telling.
My sister made this adorable mobile! Isn't she creative?

This is the front of the very small room in which we hold our services. Charity and I worked together to make the fruit game and to decorate the room.

Jason was at camp on Sunday, and we took a few pictures. This is probably my favorite.

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  1. It looks and sounds like you are having a blast!
    Dropped by from SITS.


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