Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am In A Contest!!

Not long back, I wrote and produced this SITs commercial. In case you didn't know, SITs is one of the best sites on the net. It encourages networking between bloggers. To find out more, watch the movie.

Anyway, all my life I have been rhyming in one way or another. I LOVE to write and rhyme. So, when it came time to make the movie, that is exactly what I did. Of course when I left a comment on SITs this morning, it rhymed as well.

Good mornin' all!
What a treat!
Today's post is so very neat!

It's so great,
It's lot's of fun,
I hope that I'm number one!

But the others,
They're great too!
So what's a girl like me to do?

I'll wish great luck,
To all the rest,
And let you readers choose the best!

See? Anyway, to all of my 2 loyal readers :-), please go vote for me on SITs. Oh, and did I mention the prize? If my video wins, I get a gift card to Target. I don't just want this, I need it. I have not bought any new clothes in the last two years, but most of my clothes date from my freshman year of college, seven years ago. Needless to say, an update is required! Anyway, thanks for helping a SITsta out. Have a super fantabulous day!


  1. I voted for you! I hope you win and can buy some new clothes! You sound a LOT like me! My clothes all date to college 9+ years ago. I HATE clothes shopping. I need a personal shopper... I'd much rather buy kitchen gadgets or books! ;-)

    I read your profile and "about me" post and we seem to have a lot in common. I, too, love the Lord, love to read (some of our favorite authors are also the same!), love to cook, love to sing... wanted to be a teacher all through high school, but changed my mind at the last minute in college. I'll be homeschooling our kids, so I'll end up being a teacher anyway! :-D

    I hope the Lord blesses you with children. My husband and I had many struggles, but, we have now been blessed with 2 healthy children.

    My blog is full of recipes and Christian book reviews, I hope you'll come visit!

  2. much good luck to you in the contest!

  3. for you...


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