Saturday, June 13, 2009

Writing Prompt 6-13-09

This week in response to Moma's Losin' It's writing prompts, I chose #4. I am a little late, but better late than never.

4.) Write a letter.

Dear people behind me at CVS today,

Hi. I never met you before, and didn't meet you today, but I feel the necessity to talk to you. Actually, I feel like I should apologize to you. Let me explain.

First of all, when I go to CVS, I normally do not take my husband with me. It is much easier for me when I do not have to immediately justify everything I buy. Instead, I normally spend the entire trip home thinking about how to convince my husband of the purchase's value. (Of course, I normally get all my money back in ECB's, but according to my husband, he'd rather have the cash than the ECB's.)

Secondly, when my husband asked if my photos were ready, I did not expect him to ask why they were not. Normally, I would just say, "Ok, thank you." and go on. I don't need detailed explanations.

Thirdly, I forgot that I would have to explain to my husband the reason for having to buy a filler item to completely use up my ECB's. I also did not realize that he would search deteminedly for an item that pleased him instead of just picking up the closest priced item from directly in front of us.

Although I am sure you did not appreciate my husband's actions, I appreciate him very much. It is that detailed personality that has helped us be able to buy a house, a car, and start investing when we have only been married for two years. It is that precise planning that has provided for me with life insurance in the event that something dreadful happens and he dies. It was his meticulous searching that found my wedding dress for a mere portion of what we would have paid anywhere else. It is his great money skills that help us to live on his paycheck alone this summer when I haven't been able to find a job. His meticulate, detailed, precise personality grates on my laid back, whatever happens personality on a regular basis, but I am blessed beyond all measure to have such a wonderful man in my life.

So, dear patient (and rather impatient) people, I am sorry for the inconvienience that my newbie-ness and my husband's wonderful personality caused. Next time, my husband will understand. Next time, I will ask about the photos. Next time. . . you won't be behind me, so what does it matter anyway? I hope that the rest of your day goes smoothly, and that you stop to appreciate the relationships in your life!

That annoyingly slow person in front of you

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  1. Coming over from SITs....just thank God tyour hubby actually comes with you. Mine encourages the buys but refuses to come :<

    :> Marina


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