Saturday, June 13, 2009


K-Mart had double coupons up to $4 this week. We went today and got some great deals. We then stopped at CVS. Altogether we got about $40 worth of stuff for $4.

We got:
2 Super Stack cans of Pringles (paid $1)
2 Pledge fabric sweepers (paid 49 cents each)
Oust air sanitizer (free)
2 packages Kotex pads (free)
Secret deoderant (paid 29 cents)
2 Aveeno lotions (free)
Vaseline lotion (paid 99 cents)
Milk (paid with ECBs)
Gummy Bears *filler at CVS (paid 8 cents)
Gillette Fusion Power Razor with shave gel and shampoo (paid with ECB's, got ECB's back.)

I was pretty excited.

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