Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Things Swap

I had just finished emailing my swap partner a quick note when I went to get the mail. There on my steps was this wonderful package.
It was the favorite things package from my swap partner Becky over at Our Incredible Happy Family. I was so excited! This was the first swap I had participated in, and I couldn't wait to open the box.

First, there was this letter. Mamarazzi does a super job when she matches people up. Becky and I have both been extremely busy in the past weeks. She is in the middle of a move, and I was tying up the loose ends of a school year. Becky's letter apologized and said that there wasn't much cuteness involved, but her adorable writing is cuteness enough for me!
Becky sent me all kinds of goodies!
1. A Photo Album - this is so adorable, and I am sure that I will fill it up with lots of pictures.
2. A notebook - I sent her something very similar. I love to write and jot down notes and ideas. She does also.
2. A Scrapbooking kit - This is so adorable! I should have taken a close up picture for you. It has two canvasses to decorate, and all the stuff to decorate them with!
4. Star Candles - I love candles, and these are just beautiful!
5. Coupon organizer - I just started couponing a couple of weeks ago. So far, I had been using envelopes to organize all my coupons, but I am loving this!

Thank you, Becky, for being a great swap partner! I love all the things you sent me, and can't wait to hear what you think of what I sent you.
Be sure to stop by Mamarazzi;s blog and check out the other great loot!


  1. YAY what a fun box of favorite things goodness!

    i am glad the match was spot on and that you have made a new bloggy friend! this maks me happy!

    did you vote for the theme for my next swap? there is a poll on my sidebar...check it out!

  2. Cute and very usable things! I love your goodies!

  3. Mamarazzi's swaps really cannot be beat. Such a wonderful way to connect bloggers with one another, Bethany. Looks like you received a fantastic package in the mail.

    LOVE those good mail days. They really cannot be beat. :)


  4. Thanks so much Bethany for a wonderful swap! I love all my goodies!!!

  5. I LOVE Mamarazzi's swaps!! I missed out on this one though. Rats!!!


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