Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of the joys of being a teacher is the handfuls of dandelions from loving students every spring. I carefully put them in a glass, talk about how beautiful they are, and how cheery and sunshiny the yellow flowers look. They stay on my desk until the students go home, cause me to sniffle all day (I have allergies to many flowers and types of grass.) and then I throw the droopy beauties out the window.
I love looking at dandelions through a child's eyes. We tend to see them as weeds, but to a child, they are a colorful exhibition of God's creativity!

However, it is not always dandelions. Just recently I had been thinking about how much I missed my great big lilac bush that stood at the corner of our previous house. I was wishing for some lilacs to brighten my kitchen table. This morning, one of my students came in with a huge armful of the fragrant flowers. I was thrilled. Isn't it amazing when God chooses to use someone else to brighten our day? Now the lilacs are sitting in a vase on my kitchen table feeling the house with their wonderful scent.

There are all different types of people. Some are bright, cheery, and full of fun. Some are pretty and attractive. No matter what, they are beautiful. God's creativity is evident all around us.

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  1. I love lilacs! In fact I love all flowers!! Aren't kids sweet? Yes, I agree I love how the Lord knows when we need a little sunshine in our day!!


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