Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter . . . In the Eyes of Children

Originally posted March 17th, 2008.

(Thanks to my DH for letting me use this picture from his photo blog.)

At the beginning of this six weeks, we started talking about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The very first day, to get the children interested and motivated, we discussed what it must have been like to be living in Jerusalem at that time, and how it must have felt to watch the Redeemer die. Then, each student had to write a story, imagining that they were on the scene. I compiled them all into one very interesting story, complete with a few spelling errors. Here it is. . .

I am a disciple of Jesus. As I was in my kitchen fixing supper one day, I heard a lot of noise outside. I went out in the street to see what it was. There was Jesus! But he was carrying something made of two pieces of wood. I asked someone what it was, and they said that it was a cross. A soldier looked at me and said “You, come carry his cross!” So I did.
I was so sad that Jesus was being crucified that it made me mad. I wanted to beat all the Romans to a pulp, but something held me back. We went up on an ugly hill and I put down the cross.
The soldiers used a big heavy metal hammer to nail Jesus to the cross. It must have hurt. Then, they put the cross in the ground. People spat in His face, and soldiers fought over His clothes. They put a sharp crown in His head. None of us thought about when He’d said that He’d die and then rise again.
Then it got really dark. No one knew what was happening, but then Jesus said something and died. A soldier came and cut his side with a spear and blood gushed out. Who knows, maybe there were unclean leopards standing there who were cleansed by Jesus’ blood.
Right then, and angle took a heavy metal sword and used it to rip the blinds in the temple. Jesus hung on the cross for two days and then some man came and put Him in the tomb. The next morning he arose and an angle sat on the tomb to tell the disciples.

One student ended her story in typical third/fourth grade fashion by writing “The End,” but then she continued “but not of Jesus.” This really stuck out to me. Even though facts and details may have been a little hazy, each of my students know who won this battle. Jesus is not dead. He is arose and conquered death and the grave! He is risen indeed!


  1. Happy Resurrection Sunday! I hope you and your family are doing well! I love your new look! I see that you have SCROLLING BUTTONS!! Yay!! I looks like you were able to make the space larger but if not you just adjust the width!

    Hope that helps!!

    Happy Easter!!


  2. I just saw your comment about writing a tutorial for tabbed links. Do you mean like a navigation bar at the top of your blog?

    I'll be happy to do that!! I'll get working on it soon!!

    Happy Easter again!!



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