Thursday, March 19, 2009


Since I have Spring Fever break this Thursday/Friday, we took a trip to Gettysburg today. Jason had been once about six years ago, and I had been once in 2005. It started out as a drizzly day, but about the time that we finished looking around in the visitors center and museum, the rain stopped, so we had a beautiful day for sightseeing.There was lots of beautiful scenery.

A crevice in the rocks at Devil's Den

Jason. . . posing for me without complaint

I like this picture better than the first, though.

There were many amazing sculptures.

Fences like this run throughout the battlefields.

Robert E. Lee on Traveller

Ready. Aim. . .


The Pennsylvania monument

Throughout the day I kept wondering, "Do we really understand the magnitude of the battles that were fought for freedom?" I hope and pray that I will never take the sacrifices of our nations patriots for granted!


  1. Makes me want to take a trip down soon! We've been talking about it, but not getting around to it...


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