Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mom's House

On Sundays, the whole family gets together at Mom and Dad's house for lunch. Today, I had my camera, and thought I would show you, my two faithful readers, some of the ways Mom has made her house into a home. (Background info: My mom and dad are missionaries to Ukraine, and are only going to be back in the States for a year. They are renting an old farmhouse, and can't do any painting.)A cutting board with traditional Ukrainian painting hangs on one wall in the kitchen. I think that one of Mom's friends painted this for her.

I just love this long shelf in the dining room. Mom changes the decorations, but right now it has some trailing ivy, kerosene lamps, a candelabra, and 4 tiles painted by a friend. The tiles were originally made for on our kitchen wall in Ukraine. These are extras.
This was the phone that Mom's family used when she was born. No, she isn't as old as you are thinking. Her grandpa had 12 children and each of them had one of these in their homes. (Kind of like an intercom.) Besides that, they lived way back in the hills of southern Indiana.
A Ukrainian painting. I can't remember where Mom got this, but it has always been a favorite of mine.
This picture hangs over the fireplace. (Sorry for the glass-induced glare.) This is all of Mom and Dad's biological children in 1993. I am the girl in the back.


  1. This was such an interesting post, Bethany! Were your parents on the field when you were little? I imagine working in the Ukraine holds special challenges. You must be enjoying each Sunday with your family, especially since your parents are here on furlough. I loved seeing their special possessions.

    PS the family portrait is great!

  2. I was on the field with them from 10-17 years of age. These were really most of my growing up years. I have lots of good memories from there, and dream of taking my husband to see Ukraine one day. Many times, I have been called (by Ukrainians) an Ameri-Krainian. My heart is partially there still.

  3. Yes, you were there for most of your childhood. Did you learn to speak and read the language? I Googled briefly Ukrainian language and it seems difficult with the special characters.

    How wonderful it would be to one day return with your husband!


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