Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creative or Strategic?

My husband and I played a rousing game of Scrabble last night. He won. I cried.

Our game got me to thinking about you, my loyal readers. He hates Scrabble, and I love it. He loves chess, and I hate it. We both like most word games like Scattergories, CatchPhrase, Taboo, and Guesstures. For the most part, however, he likes games that are full of strategy and forethought, while I like games that deal with creativity, whether it be verbal or spacial.
What about you? What is your favorite board game? When is the last time you played it? Get it out this week. What a great activity for a winter evening!

Speaking of board games, one Jason loves that I would like to try is Balderdash. He does not like the new edition, though. What do you think? Which version is better, and why?


  1. I like Scrabble. All those years of correcting spelling tests, I guess! :-)

  2. I'm totally addicted to Scrabble on facebook!

  3. I played apples to apples at a party recently and it was quite fun (maybe because I was quite intoxicated???)


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