Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, yesterday as I cuddled up with hot chocolate and a good book . . . um . . . I mean. . . about a gazillion papers to grade, the thought popped into my head about how often I write the same old "Good Job" or "Super" at the top of pages. So, yesterday I decided to write something different on each page. It was fun, and gave me a challenge. Here are some of the words I used. (plus a few)

A ~ Awesome, Amazing, Always neat
B ~ Beautiful, Brilliant, Brainy
C ~ Creative, Clever, Charming
D ~ Darling (ok, so that is definitely a girl's paper!) Don't Quit
E ~ Excellent, Extra Special
F ~ Fantastic, Fabulous, Fantabulous (Mixing words always makes my students laugh.)
G ~ Great, Good, Gracias
H ~ Hard worker
I ~ Intelligent, Impressive
J ~ Just peachy
K ~ Kudos
L ~ Lovely, Like it lots,
M ~ Magnificent
N ~ Nice, No stoppin' here
O ~ One of a kind, Only the best
P ~ Practically perfect, Pretty
Q ~ Quite nice
R ~ Really great, Radical
S ~ Sweet, Stunning, Stellar, Superb
T ~ Terrific, Tremendous
U ~ Unique
V ~ Very cool
W ~ Wonderful, Wonderific, Wondiferous
X ~ Um. . . x-cellent?
Y ~ Yes, Yahoo, Yeah, You did it
Z ~ Um . . . Zany?

So, do you have any other good ideas?

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