Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

Rrrriinnnggg! The tired teacher fumbled her way in the darkness to her phone. "Hello," she said in her perky phone voice. (You know, the one that annoys her husband to death because it is too cheery for 5 am.) The message from the caller on the other end of the line sent joy to the soul of the teacher! "School has been canceled."
The teacher quickly called the next person in the call-chain, and tucked herself back into her warm bed with visions of blogging, long baths, and a clean house dancing in her head. After a few hours of much needed sleep, the teacher relaxed in a long, foamy, bubble bath. She was thankful that she was no longer at home where her mother forbade her to read in the bathtub, (With 7 siblings, it was no wonder her mother had that rule!) and she was able to read half of a book she had received for Christmas.
After a short trek in the winter wonderland outside to retrieve missives from . . . um. . . no one, she returned home to make a tasty treat from years gone by. Snow ice cream


Clean, Fresh, WHITE snow
1/2 cup milk
1 T. vanilla
1 cup sugar

Blend milk, sugar, and vanilla until sugar is mostly dissolved. Add snow to taste!
Wonderful served plain!Even better with Caramel syrup oozing over the top!

The teacher sits relaxing once more, savoring a memory and a sundae as she blogs this story for future generations!


  1. That looks amazing.. I might just have to try it tonight!

  2. Delightful story and really neat recipe... if we ever get enough snow this year, I'm going to try this. Fun post!

  3. Dear Bethany,

    I've tagged you because you are a special blogger friend and I have so enjoyed visiting with you. If you would like to participate, please see my post:

    And if you opt-out, that's fine too.

    Kind Regards, ldh


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