Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opinions, Please!

I love these two pictures that I bought awhile back at Dollar General. I also love the little shelves (Dollar Tree finds) that are under them. The ivy, however, I do not like. It is simply there until I can save up the money to buy something that I do like.

My question for you is what should I put on these shelves? They hang on two walls in my dining room. I am looking for something inexpensive. My dining room curtains are embroidered with pink and maroon roses, and I would like something to tie them in.

Should I do something like this from Of course, it is 24", but I think a smaller version would be cute.
Should I make some sort of arrangement with a doily and a mini vase with roses that look something like this from

Should I forget the flowers altogether and put something else knick-knacky on it. . .

Like my Ukrainian matroshka dolls,
or a teacup and saucer from one of my Ukrainian teasets?


  1. I am no expert but here are my thoughts. My sister, Mandie, takes tall candle holders and makes a little arrangement on top of it instead of a candle. You could do something like that to one side and then do a "lower" arrangement like the one from beside it. You could also add some of your dolls. That would be a variety and show off some things that you really like. Those are my two cents for what they are worth!

  2. I was going to say a mix as well. I think you could add your dolls on one side and a cup and saucer on the other. BUT, here’s the trick - you don't need to forget the flower idea. You could still do a flower arrangement in your tea cup or a looser arrangement spread among the other items on your shelf. Just a thought!

  3. P.S. clicked the pictures to see them better and had another idea. You could even do different things on each shelf. Like on the shelf under the picture of the one little girl you could do dolls and a tea cup and a tied bundle of flowers lying on the shelf. On the shelf under the other you could do dolls and more of a small basket or hatbox (I noticed what the girls were sitting on!) with a small piece of fabric hangin’ out over the edges and a flower arrangement in it... It's always a bad Idea to ask me these things! My mind just keeps going and going! :-)

  4. For same-old, same-old put your flower "arch" OVER the picture. Then put some kind of candle arrangement AMONG--possibly off center (think in third's)--the ivy and/or tuck some tiny flowers among the ivy.
    The secret to a classy arrangement is not to think in terms of 1) picture and 2) shelf but to think of the whole area (picture+shelf+ivy+other additions) as a SINGLE item/arrangement. Then apply the art principles of groups of 3's, varying heights, color balance etc. to the whole area. When you consider it as a whole, amazing things happen.
    Natalie (Goins) Herring Vicki Clifton etc. display various types of (home) arrangements on their blogs.
    One of the newer fads seems to be to use arrangements of words (love, family, friends etc.) as a "picture," but you could probably also use the picture plus a word grouping to good effect.
    Also, generally, where there are shelves there are "things" hanging off of them--off-center lace doilies, cascades of flowers or greenery etc.
    I would say the biggest problem with the arrangement in your picture is all the straight, square lines. Interior decorating--except for minimalist modern decor--seems to be all about softening corners and lines with more rounded shapes.


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