Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Family Fun!

Kirk took us all ice skating tonight. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures, in order, youngest to oldest. Unfortunately Jason, Rachel, Davie, and Daniel weren't able to come but all eight Drummond kids were there.
Vova was hard to catch in a picture. He didn't stop all evening.

Allona was happy to find one of her friends from school skating tonight. They spent most of the time together.
Seth was very proficient. He tried to teach me how to skate without lifting my feet, but to do that, I would have had to let go of the rail!
Charity was there, too, but we didn't get any pictures of her skating. She was very graceful, though.
Kirk, zooming past.
Umm. . . It has been ten years since I have been skating, and I did this time what I did then. I held on to the rail or a brother's hand the whole time.Andy, pausing for a picture.
David, gliding by.
All 8 of Mom and Dad's kids together. This hasn't happened much in the last few years!

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  1. Oh ice skating is one of my favorite things to do!! Isn't the best to have the siblings all together again? I really enjoyed catching up on all your pictures. Our New Year is off to such a busy start that I haven't gotten the chance to look at your blog in some time.


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