Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Crust

Yesterday I promised more about Crazy Crust Pizza. It was something I had never heard of before I was married. One day, I was in the mood for pizza, but did not want to spend 3 hrs making the dough (because homemade is always better, and normally cheaper), and was confiding my feelings to my dear, loving husband. He told me about his mother's recipe, and how amazing it was. Immediately, I was wary, since his mother's cooking is very hard to match. (Maybe as he gets older, he'll forget how good her food tastes, and start saying, "This is as good as yours was the last time you made it!") Anyway. . . I tried the recipe out, and it wasn't half bad, and was a whole lot quicker than the whole homemade pizza dough thing.

The last time I wanted to make it, however, I couldn't find the recipe card, so as a last resort, I went to Taste of Home's website and searched for "crazy crust pizza" hoping to find at least a similar recipe. The faithful search engine came up with two results. Lo and behold, the first one was exactly the same recipe as my hubby's mom's. Anyway. . . check out the recipe here. (Please note, I only use the crust part of the recipe.)

Basically this is a flavorful batter crust that is great for the times you don't want to mess with a yeast bread recipe. Sometimes, I'll add Parmesan cheese to it for extra flavor.

Silly me forgot to get pictures of the crust itself. I did however take these.My pizza sauce. I buy big #10 cans of tomato sauce at Sam's Club and then use it for several recipes during the week. I use spices, onion, garlic, etc. to make it into pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, or whatever else.

Sausage. . . yum. We have a couple of discount stores near where we live. This is Papa John's pizza topping sausage, and cost us only 99 cents per pound. We also used pepperoni that cost us the same amount. When I find deals like these, I get extra for my freezer. This sausage is amazing!

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