Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bulletin Board Time Again!

The gingerbread man, Christmas present, Christmas tree one.

The snowflakes will be taken down. All of them. Even the snowman, bell, and stocking cap one.

Even the manger, heart, star, and cross one.

Even the strange looking reindeer one. (Do you see them?)

And the geometric shapes one. They are done, finished, kaput. They are old and boring. They are new no more. Besides, who wants more snow when we have six to eight inches on the ground outside?

In the place of winter snowflakes, manger scenes, and gingerbread houses (Not all on one board, I assure you.) will be this.

And this. . . I have a long skinny bulletin board over the top of my chalkboard. I have 11 fourth graders. I had an unexpected cancellation of the afternoon art class. (When the only sub is permanently subbing for the teacher who broke her leg in a car accident and can't walk, it is easier to just cancel.) I had 11 students who were bemoaning the loss of art class. I have an ingenuitive brain. I had an idea. We combined all of the above to come up with a bulletin board.

I did the background, the border, and the center heading. My fourth graders did the rest. I supplied heart stencils, paper, and ideas. This is what they came up with. (Pardon the bad picture quality. My camera is not as good as my hubby's which I generally use for blogging pictures.)

A Hunter's Heart

A Broken Heart (Hey, that's the best title I can come up with! If you can do better, tell me what you think.)

A Smitten Heart

A Happy Heart

A (umm. . . let me think) Colorful Beetle Heart
A Family's Heart ( I love the colors she used. A designer in the making!)

A Teacher's Heart (It just has to be! Well, maybe a writer's heart.)
A Burning Heart
A Cow's Heart (Do they really look like that?)

A Hearty Frosty

A Zealous Heart

A Patriotic Heart

And last but not least, certainly one of my favorites, A Little Boy's Heart!

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