Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . Y

1. Yesterdays - the memories that we made, the fun that we shared.

2. Youth - it was such an important time in my life, so many decisions.

3. Yummy foods

4. You - I am glad that you take time to read my blog.

5. Yes - I like that word, so short, but so full of promise.

6. Youngsters - fun to teach, full of potential.

7. Yearbooks - so much fun, especially reading the notes in the back of my parents' yearbooks.

8. Yellow - probably the most cheerful color there is.

9. Yeast - I would hate to eat crackers all the time instead of bread!

10. Yo-yos - My brothers used to do tricks with them. For me, it was tricky to get it back up to my hand once!

11. Yodeling - My brother Andy is great at it.

12. Yogurt - yummy!

13. Yoo-hoo - I have fond memories of this chocolate drink from days gone by.

14. yoked dresses - they are so cute.

15. Years - of life, of happiness, of love.

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