Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday's Fifteen . . . X

Ummm. . . . I think I will have to substitute "ex" for "x."
1. Exaggeration - it has its own sense of humor.
2. Excellence - I believe that God expects it (our best, not perfection)
3. Expectations - I like it when someone tells me exactly what their expectations for me are. It makes it easier to try to fulfill them.
4. X-acto knives - I use them for a number of things, mainly school or craft related.
5. Extension cords - for when the original cord just won't reach.
6. Xylophone - I know, that is the first X word a lot of people think of, but they really do have a beautiful sound.
7. X-rays - I have had to have several in my life, and although they were not wonderful, the technology is.
8. Extreme love - of God, for me.
9. Extracts (mint, vanilla) - I use them both frequently.
10. Examples - I have seen many, and followed in the footsteps of some.
11. Exams - Ok, this may be a little strange, but I have always enjoyed taking most tests.
12. Excell - the computer program. I love using it for so many things.
13. Exceedingly great mercy - of God
14. Exclamatory sentences - Oh! They are so much fun!
15. Extremities - I am thankful for my fingers and my toes!!
BTW, here are a whole bunch of actual "X" words.
But I really don't know what most of them mean!

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